PRIZE JURY PROCESS The Greenfield Prize process begins with the Hermitage National Artist Selection Committee — the committee that selects all artists for residencies at the Hermitage Artist Retreat. Each committee member invites artists from his or her core discipline.

The discipline representative for the commissioned discipline becomes the voting chair of the prize jury, charged with recruiting two other voting members from the field. For example when we are going to commission a new play, Michael Bigelow Dixon who selects playwrights for Hermitage residencies, becomes the chair of the Greenfield jury to select a playwright to commission. Mr. Dixon then invites two other highly qualified theatre professionals to join him as voting members of the jury.

The three-person voting jury is joined by the non-voting artistic leader of the "Producing Partner," the professional artistic organization appointed to help in the development of the commissioned work.

The Greenfield Foundation appoints a fifth non-voting member of the jury to represent the Foundation in the process. And the Hermitage Executive Director facilitates the process.
MAKING COMMISSIONS Commissions are made by appointment, not by application. Through a series of meetings, the prize jury identifies not less than three and not more than five finalists. Finalists receive a letter inviting them to submit a proposal describing the work to be created if the commission were won. The prize jury selects the commission winner from the submitted proposals. The proceedings of the entire process are kept in strict confidence until a winner is announced.

Prize Juries

The Greenfield Prize Juries are key to investing the prize with significance. We search for the most highly regarded professionals in each prize discipline to make the all important selection of a winner.

Browse the Greenfield Prize winners by year and discipline to learn more about the juries that selected them.