The Greenfield Foundation is based in Philadelphia, PA, but funds charitable initiatives across the country. Its president and most of its trustees are members of the family of Louise and Bob Greenfield of Sarasota, Florida. Its net income, which exceeds $500,000 a year, is devoted to improving quality of life through contributions to not-for-profit institutions in the arts, education, health care and other services. The foundation originates and participates in innovative projects, which have a ripple effect beyond the immediate impact of the expenditures.

Examples of significant, high-impact programs funded by the Greenfield Foundation include the Temple Emergency Action Corps (TEAC) founded in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. TEAC's mission is two-fold: to educate future physicians in medical disaster relief and utilize medical students as a resource for the provision of sub-acute disaster relief care. TEAC is dedicated to providing compassionate, culturally conscious medical care in cases of local, national and international disasters.

The Goldsmith Awards Program, administered through the Joan Shorenstein Center at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard, launched in 1991, has as its goal the encouragement of a more insightful and spirited public debate about government, politics and the press. The program includes the Goldsmith Prize for Investigative Reporting, two book prizes, Fellowships and the Goldsmith Career Award for Excellence in Journalism. The $25,000 investigative-reporting prize has honored pioneering work by teams of journalists from across the country. The book prize has recognized distinguished scholarship by writers examining free speech, public television, race, journalism ethics, and campaign advertising.

Perhaps the newest large-scale project launched by the Greenfield Foundation is the Greenfield Youth Film Festival. The festival was founded on the simple idea of uniting high school students, media industry professionals, and members of higher education in a unique learning experience.

The philosophy of high-impact philanthropy seen in the programs above is reflected in The Greenfield Prize at the Hermitage Artist Retreat as well. We are all to be very grateful to the Greenfield Board of Trustees for their wisdom, dedication, and passion for doing good and important work with their gifts.

Greenfield Foundation