The Greenfield Prize at the Hermitage Artist Retreat is a groundbreaking partnership between the Philadelphia-based Greenfield Foundation and the Hermitage Artist Retreat. Pursuing the mission "to bring into the world works of art that will have a significant impact on the broader or artistic culture," the prize seeks to identify individuals whose past work and future prospects position them to achieve this lofty and ambitious goal. The $30,000 prize in the form of a commission is awarded annually, and rotates each year among three areas; drama, music, and a "wild card." In the "wild card" years, the prize may be awarded in any field or combination of fields, or themes in an effort to accommodate new forms, fields, technologies, and the blending of traditional disciplines.


The Hermitage Artist Retreat and its partner, the Greenfield Foundation, marked the 2017 Greenfield Prize award with a new category, recognizing the art of photography.

The 2017 prize was presented to internationally acclaimed photojournalist David Burnett, at a celebration dinner on Saturday, April 22nd at Michael’s On East Ballroom in Sarasota, Florida. The jury who selected Burnett consisted of Chair Dr. Tony Bannon, executive director of the Burchfield Penney Art Center and former director of the George Eastman Museum; Daile Kaplan, vice president and director of photography for Swann Auction Galleries; Robert Pledge, co-founder of Contact Press Images and international curator of photographic exhibitions; Greenfield Foundation Representative Joni Greenfield and Hermitage Artist Retreat Executive Director and moderator Bruce E. Rodgers.

“As always, an extraordinary jury of experts had a very difficult time selecting the recipient for the Greenfield Prize,” remarked Rodgers. “Four exceptional photographers were considered but in the end, David Burnett stood out and was a unanimous choice as our 2017 prize recipient. We look forward to seeing David’s Greenfield Prize commission when his exhibit opens at the Sarasota Museum of Art in 2019.”

David Burnett has been an internationally acclaimed photojournalist for over five decades. He learned to photograph on his high school year book in Salt Lake City, and eventually worked for TIME Magazine in Washington, in Miami, and later for two years in Vietnam, as a freelance correspondent. He has worked on contract with LIFE, TIME and PEOPLE, and continues to work for a variety of magazines in the US and Europe. He is the recipient of the "Press Photo of the Year" award from World Press Photo Foundation (Holland), "Magazine Photographer of the Year" from the Pictures of the Year (USA), the Robert Capa Gold Medal from the Overseas Press Club of America (USA), the latter of which has also twice awarded him the Olivier Rebbot award for work done around the world. He's photographed every American President since John F. Kennedy, and covered every Summer Olympic Games since 1984. He has taught a number of workshops, including the Gulf Photo Plus in Dubai, and Joop Swart Masterclass in Amsterdam, and has twice chaired the Jury of World Press Photo. He has authored three large-format photography books: Soul Rebel - An Intimate Portrait of Bob Marley, the world-renowned Reggae musician and songwriter; 44 Days: Iran and the Remaking of the World, a photo memoir of the Iranian Revolution and Man Without Gravity (in French) a collection of his Olympic sports photographs. He lives in the New York area, but considers himself a citizen of the world.

Learn more about David and his work by visiting his website at:

David's Greenfield commission will see its opening in 2019, in partnership with the Sarasota Museum of Art.


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