The Greenfield Prize at the Hermitage Artist Retreat is a groundbreaking partnership between the Philadelphia-based Greenfield Foundation and the Hermitage Artist Retreat. Pursuing the mission "to bring into the world works of art that will have a significant impact on the broader or artistic culture," the prize seeks to identify individuals whose past work and future prospects position them to achieve this lofty and ambitious goal. The $30,000 prize in the form of a commission is awarded annually, and rotates each year among three areas; drama, music, and a "wild card." In the "wild card" years, the prize may be awarded in any field or combination of fields, or themes in an effort to accommodate new forms, fields, technologies, and the blending of traditional disciplines.


We are pleased to announce that Coco Fusco has been named the recipient of the 2016 Greenfield Prize in visual art. The $30,000 prize is given in the form of a commission for a new work of art, based on a proposal submitted to the jury. Fusco will have two years to create the work, which will have its first exhibit at The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art in the spring of 2018. Members of the jury that selected Fusco were Franklin Sirmans, director of the Perez Art Museum in Miami, FL; Wassan Al-Khudhairi, curator of modern and contemporary art at the Birmingham Museum of Art in Alabama and Jose Carlos Diaz, curator of exhibitions at the Bass Museum also in Miami, FL. Non-voting members of the committee included Joni Greenfield, representing the Greenfield Foundation; Facilitator Bruce E. Rodgers, executive director of the Hermitage; Patricia Caswell, Hermitage coordinator of the Greenfield Prize and artist program director; and Matthew McLendon, curator of modern and contemporary art at The Ringling. Runners up for the Prize, who each receive a $1,000 stipend and a six-week residency at the invitation-only retreat were Diane Al-Hadid, Glenn Kaino and Mika Rottenberg.


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